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    Raising Heart Healthy Beef for FRIENDS since 2005!

    Small Farm, Big Heart

    Are you looking for a way to live your values in 2024?

    Join The Family!

    Together we are building a better future.  Unbound Grace is a growing family centered in Love

    Support local agriculture & Nutritive Equity with 100% grass & browse, fed & finished beef.

    Sentinel Farms Heart Healthy Beef, Raised with Love, harvested without stress.

    Real, Clean, well LOVED, Omega-3 Rich.

    No added hormones, antibiotics, grains, herbicides or chemical fertilizers used. Naturally Organic.

    Give your family the gift of health this year by building their immune system with clean, Heart Healthy Beef!

    A Celebration of Family

    Celebratory Family Share  – 20 lbs of 21-Day Dry Aged, grassfed & finished beef mixed cuts – $200

    Cost Savings!

    Purchase a side of beef at $5.50/lb hanging weight.

    A hanging half averages between 300 – 450 pounds. For example, a hanging half weighing  300lbs will result in approximately 165 lbs of cut and packaged, 21-Day, Dry Aged Beef.

    Choose your own butcher or use ours (80 cents/lb hanging weight). You receive your clean, single-source 21-Day, Dry Aged Beef, cut, wrapped, labeled and frozen to save you money, time and trips to the grocery store. Share great health with your family and friends.

    Delivery to your freezer available.

    Did you know a new freezer sized to hold half a beef costs less than $40 per year to operate?

    It makes good sense.

    ALSO AVAILABLE: Heart, Tongue, Kidney & Bones

    Price List for Supporting Friends & Family of Unbound Grace at Sentinel Farms

    • Ground Beef $10/lb
    • Sirloin $14/lb
    • Round Roast $10.50/lb
    • Chuck Roast $10.50/lb
    • Flank Steak $14/lb
    • Strip Steak $22/lb
    • T-bone $20/lb
    • Ribeye Steak $25/lb
    • Porterhouse $22/lb
    • Tenderloin $30/lb
    • London Broil $12/lb
    • Stew $10.50/lb
    • Brisket $12/lb
    • Liver $9/lb
    • Sausage $10.50/lb

    Raised with Love,

    harvested without fear or stress

    Text Kerry

    (802) 377 – 1066